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The Beautiful Football Field Using Bellin-Hero Grass is Completed in South India.

Bellinturf has the honor to introduce a beautiful football field which is completed in South India.

The beautiful football field using Bellin-Hero grass is completed in South India.

As one of the most influential sports in the world, the football game has strict requirements for the pitch performance including the playability and durability to enable athletes to have perfect playing experience. The owner of this field chooses Bellin-hero which meets the various performance requirements and the standard of FIFA with extreme wear-resistance and longer life span.

Bellin-Hero 内页配图尺寸 宽度1100高度不限.jpg

“I really liked the grass, we are also getting a great finish.” our customer said.


---Using high-performance raw materials from Internationally renowned supplier.

---Having the superior yarn shape with exceptional split resistance and 400um thickness which guarantees the perfect performance.

--- Having ultra-high wear-resistance which passed Lisport XL equipment test of more than 30000 cycles.

---Having 10-12 years warranty. 

As FIFA-LICENSED and FIH CERTIFIED MANFUCATURER, Bellinturf provides turf solutions including professional turf systems, consulting service, and field design for different level of football applications. 

Bellinturf, sports turf system solution supplier, your reliable partner!